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Livella Deluxe Controller (AP3000)

Livella Deluxe Controller (AP3000)


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The world’s first easy-to-use underfloor heating thermostat with appliance manager, the AP3000. Not only can the AP3000 meet all of your floor heating needs it can also share its energy saving smarts with other appliances in the room. This sophisticated controller was first to introduce this technology to the industry.

Feature List:

  • Weekday & Weekend Programmable Schedules
  • Air & Floor Sensing Capabilities
  • Optional Appliance Manager
  • Optional Manual Mode
  • Modern Vertical Mounting
  • Tested for Compliance

The AP3000 is supplied with:

  • Floor Temperature Sensor
  • Installation & Operating Instructions
  • Ongoing Phone Support

Appliance Manager

Uniquely, Livella’s all-in-one deluxe thermostat integrates programmable and manual functions, air and floor sensing capabilities as well as the world-first appliance manager.

Managing appliances from Livella’s stylish thermostat can also save hundreds of dollars in running costs. Connect and independently manage a towel warmer, for example, and expect to reduce your energy bills by about $165 dollars a year.

That is typically more than enough to offset your bathroom floor heating operating costs so you can enjoy your bathroom heating for free and you will have the only floor heating system worldwide that pays for itself in ongoing energy savings.


All Livella’s products are certified against the appropriate Standards. The AP3000 has been tested for compliance against the relevant standard being IEC60730.