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Livella Touch Screen Controller (AP5000)

Livella Touch Screen Controller (AP5000)


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Livella’s AP5000 colour touch screen thermostat integrates programmable & manual functions, air & floor sensing capabilities as well as a world-first appliance manager. The AP5000 allows for the independent scheduling of your floor heating system and an additional appliance. At time of fitting you can select between vertical or horizontal mounting. The user friendly interface and 4.3” LCD colour touch screen display makes programming simple.

Feature List:

  • Full Colour Touch Screen
  • Natural Language Programming
  • Weekday & Weekend Programmable Schedules
  • Two Temperature Pairs per Schedule (2 x on and off times)
  • Air & Floor Sensing Capabilities
  • Optional Appliance Manager
  • Optional Manual Mode
  • Horizontal & Vertical Mounting Suitable
  • Tested for Compliance
  • Retrofit to Replace Other Thermostats (5, 10, 15k floor temperature sensors)

The AP5000 is supplied with:

  • Floor Temperature Sensor
  • Installation & Operating Instructions
  • Ongoing Phone Support
  • Interchangeable Face Plates